Natural Hypertension Cures

Using All Natural Heart Healthy Foods and Supplements


Natural Hypertension Cures:
A Delicious Drink

"Learn What Herbs and Teas That Can Be Used As A Natural Hypertension Cure"

Along with the other mentioned natural treatments tea is a great way to eliminate Hypertension. Tea is also very calming and can aid in stress relief as well as many other ailments that affect daily life.


Ginseng is a rather controversial Natural Hypertenison Cure because some people say that it helps lower blood pressure and others say it helps raise blood pressure. The theory is that ginseng is generally a blood pressure moderator, and whether your blood pressure is high or low, it will help you get it to a more normal level.

A Korean study in which people took 1.5 grams of red Asian ginseng three times a day for eight weeks, participants reduced their blood pressure by about five percent. This study is interesting because it studied people with what's known as "white coat hypertension," that is, people who have a spike in blood pressure just from going to the doctor. It's possible the ginseng reduced their stress levels rather than acting directly on blood pressure, but either way it was helpful.

Ginseng is also found in many forms of teas.


Drinking as little as a half cup a day of green or oolong tea for a year could cut the risk of hypertension by as much as 50 percent, according to a study done in Taiwan. Drinking tea has long been associated with lower blood pressure in China, and now studies are starting to bear out the truth of that assumption.

There are many thousands of different compounds in tea that could be responsible for the health benefits. Or it could simply be that drinking tea tends to calm people down, which in turn reduce blood pressure. It could be a combination of those factors. Caffeine, for instance, is known to reduce blood pressure for a short period of time, but the effect is not thought to be long-lasting. Theanine, an amino acid found in tea has been shown to reduce Hypertension in rats.

There are polyphenols in green tea especially that act as antioxidants, which may have some effect on Hypertension. Other extracts seem to relax muscles, and these are just the theories based on known compounds of tea.

Another great reason to drink tea is that it is much healthier than soft drinks, alcoholic drinks or even coffee in terms of its health benefits and it is almost as hydrating as water. Replacing soft drinks with tea means you will consume fewer calories and enjoy better health. Remember that tea does have caffeine, though less than coffee. You might not want to drink tea if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

Now that you have all this knowledge to Cure Hypertension, be sure to take the time and implement these treatments into your daily regime. Many of these food items can replace foods that you are comenly used to eating. Replace Coffee with Tea in the morning and try to pick foods that have the previously mentioned herbs, vitamins and minerals. 

If you cannot get the recommended amount a daily supplement is a great way to fulfill your needs.

"Learn How You Can Cure Hypertension  Naturally: While Enjoying A Tasty Beverage"

Nautral Hypertenison Cure Report
Alternative To High Blood Pressure Medications

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