Naturally Reduce High Blood Pressure

Tips That You Can Use, Starting Today

Tips To Naturally Reduce Your High
Blood Pressure

"Start Reducing Your High Blood Pressure, Naturally,
With These Easy To Follow Tips"

1.   Exercise regularly. There is no better way to improve the condition of your heart than to exercise it. Getting just a half hour of moderate physical activity at least five days a week can go a long way toward reducing your blood pressure naturally and improving your health overall.

2.   Practice deep breathing techniques. A great way to reduce the tension in a stressful moment is to breathe deeply. Often when we are stressed out we start breathing shallowly or even hold our breath. The next time you feel stressed, close your eyes if you can, inhale to a count of five, hold for three seconds and exhale to a count of five. Wait three more seconds and repeat. Doing this cycle as few as five times will make you feel a lot more in control and will help reduce your blood pressure as well.

3.   Do yoga, Tai chi, meditation or other stress-reducing techniques. I'm a big fan of yoga because I know that it works to help you feel calm, as well as more flexible, confident and comfortable in your body, all things that are important for good health. Yoga also includes an emphasis on deep breathing, which is important for relaxation and reducing blood pressure naturally. Tai chi, meditation and other techniques that involve slow, steady movement and deep breathing can also be helpful. Even going for a slow, meditative walk around your neighborhood a couple of times a week can work wonders on your blood pressure.

4.   Minimize stress. There's only so much you can do to get stress out of your life, and we actually couldn't live without stress, but you should do what you can to eliminate stress. If that means delegating a task at work or at home that you hate, saying no to obligations that aren't any fun, or taking more time off from work to spend with your kids, do what you need to do to cut some stress from your life. Your blood pressure and your loved ones will thank you.

5.   Quit smoking. One of the most important things you can do to improve your health if you smoke is to quit. I didn't say it was easy, I said it was important. Smoking is linked to cancer and heart disease, but it also increases blood pressure by constricting the arteries. If you're a woman on birth control and you smoke, this damage is even more pronounced.


1. Lower your salt intake to less than 2,400 milligrams a day. If possible, going as low as 1,500 milligrams a day will have a more dramatic effect if you are sensitive to sodium.

2. Make sure you're getting enough potassium. The DASH program recommended
4,700 milligrams a day. It's best to get potassium from foods, including bananas, vegetable juice and potatoes.

3. Check on your calcium levels as well. A daily dose of 1,250 milligrams was used
in the DASH study. Make sure you're choosing lower-fat daily products and/or calcium-rich vegetables, such as broccoli.

"Start Naturally Reducing Your High Blood Pressure Today!"

Naturally Reduce High Blood Presssure
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